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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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May 7, 2020

If you’re a business leader, wouldn’t you like to have a secret weapon that can help grow your business? And if you’re a writer, wouldn’t you like to BE the secret weapon that helps a company grow? 

What is this secret weapon? Ghostwriting! I’m excited to bring an interview with Derek Little, who is a business-to-business (B2B) copywriter and ghostwriter. He specializes in writing about enterprise software and emerging technology such as blockchain. Derek calls himself "The Results Driven Copywriter" because he believes writing should help fill the gaps in your sales process. 

Derek is also the host of the B2B Marketing Trends Podcast, and author of the book The B2B Marketer's Journey.

Derek is going to address copywriting for businesses from two standpoints. He’ll talk about some of the ways he helps companies succeed with ghostwriting through his company, Trailblazer Writing. But he’ll also address it from the writer’s angle. Derek also shares how he became a writer and some things he’s learned along the way. 

You can connect with Derek at his website,, where you’ll find all his links. Be sure to check out his B2B Marketing Trends podcast and his book, The B2B Marketer's Journey, as well.

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