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May 23, 2017

Do you ever have trouble staying motivated and productive in your creative life?

If so, you’re definitely not alone! My friend Cary recently sent me a question that expressed what many of us feel sometimes. He says:

I have plenty of blog, podcast and video ideas floating around in my head. When I actually sit down and write, record, or create a video, I am on top of the world because I am getting it out of me and into the world. 

One of the problems I have is staying actively productive. I'll have spurts where I am cranking out good content on a regular basis, then I will get off track and look up and months have gone by without anything being done. 

Therefore my question is: How do I keep from being thrown off track so easily and stay on top of putting my content out weekly, like I want to do?

Cary has two separate but related issues here: motivation and productivity. Both of these are solved by having a system for producing your content.

A system is a repeatable process that you can use to get predictable results. Using systems doesn’t sound very inspiring or creative, but that’s exactly what need to produce material on a regular basis.

In this episode, you’ll learn nine tips for being productive and staying motivated by using systems. These systems help me produce several pieces of content each week: two blog posts, two podcast episodes (which are audio versions of my blog posts), and a newsletter. (This is on top of my full-time teaching job and work for several freelance clients.)

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