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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Nov 29, 2020

The holiday season is in full swing, and most everyone is thinking about the gifts they are going to give others. Just yesterday, my son and I were talking about some gift ideas for my wife. And my wife and I have certainly been talking about gifts to get our son.

While we're probably spending a lot of time on Amazon or looking around local stores, the best gifts come from who we are, not just what we buy. As a writer, you are in a unique position to give to others in a variety of ways.

As I was thinking of ways to give and serve this holiday season, I thought it would be fun to make a list of a few different ways we can give to others as writers.

These are the ten tips we cover in this episode:

  1. Mentor another writer.
  2. Give helpful feedback to another writer.
  3. Buy and promote a friend's book.
  4. Leave reviews for books and podcasts.
  5. Write that book you’ve been planning.
  6. Publish your work.
  7. Gather your writer friends for a call or mastermind.
  8. Say thank you to clients or others who have helped you.
  9. Tell an author how their work impacted you.
  10. Give to yourself by reading.

I challenge you to choose just two of these and put them into practice from now until New Year's. I'd love to hear about the difference it makes in your writing, relationships, and creative life.


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