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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jan 31, 2020

As a writer and content creator, you have amazing opportunities to share your message and impact people’s lives. You can do this through a blog, book, podcast, YouTube channel, speaking, and so many other ways.

But did you know you can also leverage other people’s platforms to get your message out there?

My guest on this episode is Millette Jones, who walks us through the process of appearing on other people’s podcasts as a guest expert. She is the founder and CEO of Cast Global Media, a podcast consultancy and digital marketing agency for corporations. Cast provides training, consulting, and creative services for CEOs that want to leverage podcasting as a marketing strategy for their business.

Millette will teach you how to find the right podcasts, pitch yourself to the host as a guest, be a great guest, and leverage the appearance for your business.

This is a powerful conversation, so be ready to take lots of notes!

You can find the show notes at