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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jun 4, 2020

You’re active on Facebook. You play around on Instagram. You’ve probably dabbled with Twitter. But one of the great mysteries of life is, “What in the world should I do with LinkedIn, and how do I use it to grow my business?” You’re in luck, because today we pull back the curtain and reveal some of the secrets for getting more business leads on LinkedIn.

I’m excited to bring you this conversation with my friend, BJ Viken. BJ is a marketing and sales expert who helps professionals get more leads from LinkedIn and teaches how to close them. I first got to know BJ a few months ago when I joined a ghostwriting mastermind on LinkedIn. BJ shared some amazing business strategies and I was impressed with his generosity and strategies.

In this conversation, BJ breaks down his process for getting leads on LinkedIn. He goes into detail about why LinkedIn is so valuable, why it’s important to treat your writing like a business, and one of the most important things, which is what you should include in your LinkedIn profile. I took extensive notes on this conversation, and I would recommend that you grab a pen and paper.

Make sure to check out BJ’s website, which is When you visit the site, you’ll see a link to schedule a strategy session with BJ, which I highly recommend! You can also find BJ on LinkedIn.

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