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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jun 11, 2020

One of the most important concepts in writing, creativity, and business today is “authenticity.” We all want to be our authentic selves, and we want to feel that we’re seeing other people as they truly are. But what does “authenticity” mean, and how do you display it as an artist, writer, or creative?

I’m excited to bring you this conversation with Jeff Goins, who is the author of fantastic books such as Real Artist’s Don’t Starve, The Art of Work, and many others. Jeff also ran the Tribe Conference for several years in Franklin, TN, and I attended a couple of these. I enjoyed them thoroughly!

For many years, I have appreciated Jeff’s thoughtful approach to his creative work. In this conversation, we dig into the concept of authenticity and how we should think about this as creatives, business owners, and writers. I also dig into Jeff’s new venture as a ghostwriter, which I find fascinating since that’s what I’m doing as well.

You can connect with Jeff and discover his books and other works at his website, You can also connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.

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