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Jun 25, 2020

If I said, “Name the best quote from Jerry Maguire,” what would you say? If you said, “You complete me,” you’re close … but no cigar. The best quote is, of course, “Show me the money!” 

Today we’re going to be tackling the always-popular topic of MONEY … specifically, how to build passive income streams so you have the option of retiring and pursuing the things that matter to you most.

My guest today is Rachel Richards, who is a former financial advisor who is now a real estate investor, business owner, and professional speaker. At 27 years old, Rachel quit her job and retired, living off $10,000+ per month in passive income. 

Rachel is also the bestselling author of two amazing books: Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement. When I say “bestselling,” I mean it. Rachel’s books have hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and she’s done a great job of not only writing books but also getting her message out there with creative marketing.

I make it my goal to have interesting guests on this podcast, and Rachel is no exception. This is a wide-ranging conversation, where we touch on passive income, being an owner vs. an employee, how a book can help your business explode in success, her book marketing strategies, real estate investing, and much more.

Make sure and grab Rachel’s Passive Income Starter Kit at You can check out Rachel’s books on Amazon: Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, as well as connect with her on  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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