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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jul 2, 2020

If you read articles about personal growth, success, business, money, the arts … or pretty much any other topic, there is a great chance you’ve read some of them on Medium, a popular writing platform. But instead of just reading articles there, what if you could become a top writer there? 

My guest today is Anthony Moore, one of the top writers on Medium. He spent years as a writer without having much to show for it … then he discovered the power of Medium. Today, Anthony has over 75,000 email subscribers, over 3 million views on Medium, and a 6-figure writing business where he helps other writers.

Anthony has been featured in CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Yahoo! Finance, and other notable magazines. He’s also the author of the book What Extraordinary People Know

In this conversation, Anthony shares secrets of writing great non-fiction articles (worth the price of admission all by itself!), his 5 main income streams, how to use the “hero’s journey” writing voice, and how to develop relationships with high-level authors, speakers, and podcasters.

Be sure to check out Anthony’s articles on Medium, which you can find at Also, check out his free training called “Remote Freelance Training for Medium Writers” at You can also connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.

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