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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jul 23, 2020

You’ve heard it a million times: writing a book can help your business. But doesn’t that mean you have to spend years writing a massive book that contains all your wisdom and knowledge? 

Not according to my guests, Honoree Corder and Alice Sullivan.

Honoree is THE self-publishing expert, and she’s the author of dozens of book, including: You Must Write a Book, The Prosperous Writers book series, Vision to Reality, Business Dating, The Successful Single Mom book series, and many more. Honoree is also Hal Elrod’s business partner. He is the author of The Miracle Morning, which is a fantastic book, and together they have published over a dozen titles in the Miracle Morning series.  Honoree coaches business professionals, writers, and aspiring non-fiction authors who want to publish their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income. 

Alice is a successful ghostwriter with multiple books that have landed on the New York Times bestseller list (among many other places). Of course, you’ll never know which books she wrote because that would break the sacred code of ghostwriting … but just take my word for it, she’s a pro at the top of her field. In addition to being a ghostwriter, Alice is also a developmental book editor and author coach.

Honoree and Alice are here to talk about their amazing new venture, which is called Better Business Books. You’ll learn how traditional business books can be improved, why they are the perfect dynamic duo to offer this unique service, the Better Business Books process, why a book is a fantastic investment, and the importance of owning your intellectual property.

You can find out more about Better Business Books via this link: You can find out more about Honoree and her books at, and more about Alice and her services at

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