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Jul 30, 2020

Eric Elder is one of my very best friends in the world. He’s many things: a pianist, music producer, author of well over twenty books at this point, online pastor, writing coach, and so much more. One title he was able to add to his list recently is “creator of the hit musical His Name Was Nicholas.”

Eric has been a guest on the show before. On episode 69, he talked about why you should write a book. On episode 80, he shared why it’s important to think like an entrepreneur and take control over your destiny. Those conversations help shape the context of this episode, which is taking those themes in a bold new direction by taking your existing book and creating a whole new creative experience from it.

As you listen to this conversation, Eric is going to share why he decided to turn his book St. Nicholas: The Believer into a musical, what the process was like, all about his collaborators, and so much more. 

And also, you get a special performance of one of the songs from the musical!

You can check out Eric’s music, books, devotions, and so much more at If you go to the “Books” tag, you can find three very recent book released: My Stories of Faith, Volume 1, 365 Daily Devotions with Eric, and of course the script and full score for the musical His Name Was Nicholas. I also encourage you to check out Eric’s fantastic YouTube channel, where he is currently taking a few weeks to share stories and music from the musical. You can also watch live on Eric’s Facebook profile.

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