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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Hello, listeners of the Smart Business Writing podcast! Thanks so much for listening, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

Jul 26, 2019

Today I turn 45 years old. It’s hard to believe.

I remember being a kid in the 1980’s and thinking, “I’ll be 26 years old in the year 2000!” I surpassed that long ago.

So here I am, on my 45th birthday, reflecting on things that I have been learning. Since 45 seems like a halfway point of sorts, I settled on...

Jul 25, 2019

What does it mean to be “intelligent”? We typically define intelligence in terms of intellectual ability, as evidenced by grades, IQ, or other measurements. But today’s guest helps us understand the theory of multiple intelligences. This is a critical concept for those of us in creative fields because it’s a...

Jul 18, 2019

One of the most important skills you can develop is good communication. It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, painter, dancer, videographer, or any of a hundred other areas of creative work. You will always need to present, create content, and work with customers, readers, or clients.

I’m thrilled today to...

Jul 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered what true creative freedom looks like? People may define “freedom” differently, but for many of us, freedom means being able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. 

My guest today, Vincent Pugliese, will break down what true freedom means as a creative entrepreneur, and how...

Jul 4, 2019

Have you ever noticed that a high percentage of artists and creative types are passive and “too nice”? Maybe it’s because we don’t want to appear aggressive. Maybe it’s because we feel paralyzed by too many options. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to offend anyone.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains...