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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Hello, listeners of the Smart Business Writing podcast! Thanks so much for listening, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

Jun 30, 2022

Now that you have a basic idea of what The Writer’s Path is all about, I’d like to share my story of traveling this pathway myself.

I began blogging around 2007 or 2008. I had several blogs and was just writing for fun. I wanted to build a business but didn’t know how. I was a college professor and wanted to...

Jun 29, 2022

I was a college professor for many years, so anytime I’m creating content, I begin with what I call a “key idea.” Anytime that I created class material, it always started with the main idea of what I wanted to talk about or accomplish in that class session.

As we look at the 7 steps to building a writing business,...

Jun 28, 2022

Today I want to explore the question, “Why does the Writer’s Path matter?” What’s the point of it, anyway? Why am I doing this series?

Here’s what I have observed: Lots of writers are frustrated because they are working hard but not seeing tangible results. You can be the most hard-working, talented writer in...

Jun 27, 2022

You might know (or maybe you don’t) that about a year ago, I left my full-time job as a college professor to do ghostwriting full-time. That’s my main gig, but I also run The Daily Writer Club, which is our membership community, as well as produce this daily podcast. I also write my own books.

Most writers have a...

Jun 26, 2022

It’s natural for us to talk about our successes and triumphs.

It’s not quite so natural to talk about our mistakes and failures. We’re afraid people will think less of us. Truthfully, though, none of us is perfect. And whenever we see another writer be vulnerable enough to talk about their failures, we relate...