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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jul 17, 2021

I am thrilled to bring you this conversation with my good friend Alex Barker. He is the founder of The Happy PharmD, a company that helps pharmacists find work that is fulfilling and inspiring. He's also the author of the book Indispensable: The Prescription for a Fulfilling Pharmacy Career.

Because we have been involved in several of the same groups and online entrepreneur communities, I've known Alex for a number of years. I've asked him to come on the show to talk about the importance of thinking like a business owner. He's not only a great thinker, but a humble and generous leader, as well as a fantastic coach.

Today, Alex shares about his experience as a business owner, the benefits of owning your own business, why it's hard for creative types to think like entrepreneurs, and much more.

You can find Alex on his website, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and you can buy his book on Amazon.


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