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Aug 28, 2021

David Hancock is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author, and the founder of Morgan James Publishing. As the founder of Morgan James Publishing, David was selected for Fast Company Magazine’s Fast 50 for his leadership, creative thinking, significant accomplishments, and incredible impact on the industry over the last ten years.

I wanted to have David as a guest not only because of his obvious connection with books, but also to talk about the importance of being an author in the first place. David saw firsthand how powerful it can be to have books of your own, which is why he started Morgan James in the first place.

Here is something I don't often get to say about podcast guests: we also wrote a book together! Along with our co-author Bobby Kipper, David and I collaborated on a book that will be published through Morgan James next May. It's titled Performance Driven Giving, and it's a follow-up to David and Bobb's first book in this series, Performance Driven Thinking. I'll share more on that early next year closer to the release date.

So needless to say, I’m grateful for David Hancock and am thrilled that he’s joined me for this conversation. You’ll learn about David’s unique background that led him into publishing, the benefits of writing a book, and how Morgan James approaches publishing differently.

You can connect with David on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Morgan James Publishing.


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