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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Feb 21, 2019

As artists and entrepreneurs, we face the constant struggle of how to best use our time. We not only want to produce great creative work, we also have jobs, families, customers or clients, church and community responsibilities … and sleep! It’s far too easy to forget that we need to feed our souls with great art. Our guest today shares her story of becoming an amazing artist, and why we need to continue feeding our souls throughout our lives.

I’m excited to bring you this fun conversation with my good friend Alice Perrey. She is the Professor of Developmental Studies and Chair of the General Education Division at St. Louis Christian College, where I’m also a professor. I have always respected Alice’s great talent as a fantastic pianist, but even more, I’ve admired her generosity and good humor as an amazing human being. Alice also released her first instrumental piano album, called “Streams for the Soul,” last year.

On this episode, you’ll learn why Alice was drawn to piano as a child, insights for dealing with criticism as an artist, and practical tips for making time for your creative work no matter what your stage of life. Alice also offers some great insights into why you must take action and work through the challenges of a new project.

As an added bonus, at the very end of the episode, I’ve included the track “When We All Get to Heaven” from Alice’s instrumental album.

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