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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Jan 30, 2021

If you spend much time around writers, you begin to see patterns. There are certain things most writers love, such as telling stories, creating content, and connecting with other writers.

However, there are also things that most writers don't enjoy. One of those things is marketing. Most writers perceive that marketing is a pain in the neck, something that distracts them from their real creative work.

But what if you could market in a way that makes use of your natural storytelling skills. What if you could it in a way that was natural and fun?

My guest today is here to help us do exactly that. His name is Keith Griffis, and he has been a digital marketer for the last 20 years. Keith is here to share his fascinating PowerStory framework, which uses the power of stories to help you communicate.

He has taught this same content at places such as MIT, Microsoft, and universities. He is also a self-described geek when it comes to neuroscience and the psychology of influence.

Keith is a wonderful storyteller, business strategist, and expert in marketing. In this conversation, he shares why storytelling skills are so vital today, the 5 power stories, how to use them in marketing, and much more.

Make sure to grab Keith's PowerStory template via this link. It will help you start telling better stories in your social media posts, blog posts, and content immediately.

You can also connect with Keith on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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