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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Mar 25, 2020

Each of us has our own kingdom or sphere of influence. And each of those kingdoms has a culture. I’m thrilled that our guest today is here to help us improve the culture in our kingdoms, and no surprise, it begins with me and you!

Our guest is Dan Cockerell, the former Vice President of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. When he retired a few years ago, he was leading 12,000 cast members entertained over twenty million guests annually. 

That role was the culmination of a long and successful career at Disney, where Dan held various executive operations roles over the years, both in the theme parks and resort hotels. Now Dan is a speaker and coach who focuses on leadership and management practices that draw on his extensive career at Disney. He also hosts an excellent leadership-focused podcast called “Come Rain or Shine."

I had the privilege of previewing Dan’s new book, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s called How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom?, and as you’ll hear in the interview, I really loved this book. It’s filled with tons of fun stories and examples of how to improve the culture in your personal and work life.

This episode is all about developing the right kind of culture in our organization, even if we are an organization of one. Leadership begins with YOU. Even if you have a day job, and have a side hustle, we all have a culture within our sphere of work.

In this conversation, Dan shares his wisdom on how to improve your health, how to impact others when you’re not the leader, helping our teams take personality responsibility, and how he used podcasting to build the culture within his team.

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