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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Nov 30, 2022

My guest today is Professor Anne Sheridan, and she’s going to help take the intimidation factor out of reading classic literature. Anne is an educator, a pastor’s wife, and a mother of three girls living in Davenport, Iowa. She has undergraduate degrees in Piano Performance and English, a graduate certificate in Biblical Studies, and an MA in English.

Anne has several years of experience teaching at the college level, with courses on Speech, English Composition, English Literature, and Christian Fantasy Literature. She enjoys reading in community and helping students to discover and appreciate the joys of reading.

Anne and I talk about what makes a classic a “classic,” why you shouldn’t feel intimidated by literature, how to distinguish between different genres, why Shakespeare was so great, how to make time to read, and of course… Star Wars, a topic that seems to make an appearance on my podcast every few interviews or so.

You can connect with Anne on Twitter @A_L_Sheridan.

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