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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Dec 22, 2020

If your writing was a cake, what would the ingredients be?

You would certainly include structure. You’d think about the audience. If you were writing research, you would include some data or case studies. If writing fiction, you would make sure to include plot and characters. And if you want to work to be read, you must also think about publishing and marketing.

All those are important, but there is one ingredient of great writing that rarely gets talked about: love.

Love? Seriously? 

What about marketing? What about building a platform? What about monetization, big-time publishers, sales numbers, or downloads?

Those can all be important factors, and we all would like to have a big audience or platform. However, you can’t have any of those things unless you first bake a great cake.

On today's episode, Kent challenges us to put a little love into everything we do.


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