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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Dec 23, 2020

In the year 532, the emperor Justinian stood gazing at the smoking ruins of Constantinople’s patriarchal church that had just been burned to the ground by riots. As the leader of the Byzantine empire, he wanted to build a cathedral that would surpass the glory of its predecessor, but also be a stunning place of worship and a testament to the beauty and creativity of the Byzantine tradition.


The natural choice to take on such a monumental task would have been a team of architects who had experience with this kind of project. But instead, Justinian chose two mathematicians named Isidore and Anthemius.


They had not been formally trained in architecture, but their skills in math and science would be the key that helped them organize the logistics to finish a construction project the likes of which the Eastern empire had never seen.


On today's episode, Kent reflects on what we can learn from the architects who built the Hagia Sophia.


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