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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

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Feb 27, 2022

This one is for all the 1980s rock fans out there.

In 1985, the music group Heart was choosing songs to record for its 8th studio album, which was to be named simply, “Heart.” The group normally recorded songs they had written themselves, but they had been presented with a new song written by Martin Page and Bernie Taupin. Page was a singer-songwriter, who had co-written some notable tunes such as Starship’s anthem, “We Built This City.” Taupin was Elton John’s frequent writing partner.

Page and Taupin had written a new tune called “These Dreams,” which had been offered to Stevie Nicks, who turned it down. It found its way to Heart, who agreed to use it for their next album.

When Nancy Wilson went into the studio to record lead vocals for the song, she had a cold that day. This made her vocals sound raspy. The song went on to great commercial success. Later on, producers wanted her to recreate the same vocal style, jokingly asking her if she could just get sick again.

On today’s episode, you’ll recognize that what you perceive as your biggest weakness is actually your biggest strength.


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